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Uffington Developments is a main contractor operating across South London.  We care as much about design and sustainability as we do substance and practicality.  We enjoy working with architects to assess the most environmentally friendly material options available.

Created and run by Sam; a building fanatic with 12 years experience of working on large and complex building projects. Prior to working in the building industry Sam worked for a major bank in a variety of roles, so he understands finance and lean project management techniques too.  


We provide our clients with a building experience that is complimented by experienced project management by Sam (on every build) and his highly skilled team. Build quality is always centre stage. This means that our clients high spec dream spaces are executed professionally, and only once finished to Sam's high standards are they then handed over to the client.


We execute stress free builds because we care about maintaining meaningful client and architect contact to deliver dream spaces to a contracted budget and an agreed schedule. 

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